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How to Sort and View Mails by Subject in Outlook?

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Outlook is a mail oriented platform provided by Microsoft. Being a platform by Microsoft, it makes sure to bring in everything which is latest and advanced. It caters applications specified to mail oriented services. Outlook was once called as hotmail and it is still known as hotmail by many users. It caters efficient services for mail management. It is used widely for enhanced mail exchange services.

Everything available on Hotmail is quite advanced but user friendly and thus users of hotmail are less likely to face any issues while using any application over hotmail but if easy help to these required, users may get it from Hotmail contact number.

A Hotmail user may receive mails, managing which can be a tedious task. In such cases, users may choose to view such mails in terms of subject. Hotmail brings in flexibility of sorting mails by subject. This means even when a few days later you wish to search some mails you can easily do this because they are arranged in terms of subject.

These are common steps to sort and view mails in terms of subject:

Create account specific folders

In order to simulate mails in terms of subject, one can create subject specific folders. These folders can be classified as subject. Users can then manually select those mails which are of the subject and can move it in this folder or may automatically instruct hotmail to take these actions of moving mails. creating and managing folders is an easy task in hotmail but if any help to this required one may obtain it from Hotmail support number

Use a rule

One may also make rules to move and sort mails in terms of subject. This rules option in hotmail comes for users with which, they can automatically instruct outlook to sort mails as per subject. Once this rule has been set in outlook, it will automatically move the new mails to decided destination as per the subject of the mails. This can be decided as per the title of the mail received.

These are some of the effective way with which you can sort and view mails as per your convenience. This helps easily manage mails in hotmail. Managing and sorting mails in hotmail is an easy task and if help to this required one may get it from Hotmail phone number.

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